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  • Listening to: You see it in my entry!! MUAAAAH Ò_o
Sitting again at my desk and try to find out how this wichcraft is working.... I don't get it.....
hearing… "Just can't get enough" from Nouvelle Vague doesn't make it better. Hmpf!
  • Listening to: The devil makes three
Hey everybody,

I hope that everyone had a good start in the christmasfever!
Germany, expecially Hamburg is still snowless. But the city is a mess and expecially for a little and always stressed person like me a totally no go area. But also the Cat can't buy every present bye homeshopping, so I have to take the risk of getting an active gastric ulcer to buy the last presents for my beloved ones. Hate people in this time...

Today I'm at home at my familys place, but I want to drive back at the early evening to get back to my desk. I hope I can show you more work in the next days. I'm so excited of christmas, because the 24. december is the day when a good friend of mine gets her first tattoo, which I designed for her. Certenly I will show it here!

So I wish everybody a good day and a lot of snow and not so much dump people chasing for last minute presents!

The Cat!
  • Listening to: The devil makes three
Hey everybody...

...who is watching me, but maybe doesnt know me.

Mellicookie is -
- a german girl named Riekje.
- 21 years old but feels sometimes like 12 or 120 years old o_____O
- student at a college for communication design
- she likes to draw and to take photos with her DSLR Canon but also analog with her Pentax.
- not very good in speaking and writing in english Ó.Ò sorry for all the failures ^^''
- badly clumsy....

Mellicookie likes -
- CATS!!!! GOOOOOOOOOSH I love cats. My boyfriend is still thinking that I am one but I think I have to clear up this situation at one day ._____.
- red hair!
- plain music. I think good music doesnt need much tam tam. Love guitars and a good voice.
- lemoncake
- coffe <3
- time to dream
- books (at the moment the millenium trilogy from Stieg Larsson and because of college "The history of Art" Y___Y )
- Tattoos <3

Mellicookie doesnt like -
- frostiness ._____.
- rain (only when i'm in it...)
- her histamin allergy (food is bad... only lemoncake is nice to me)
- learning for exams...

So, you don't have to like me :) But when you're watching me, it has to mean that you like my art. And thats all I wanted :)